the recorded works


'Object Refuse Reject Abuse'
Hiroshima, Unemployment, Dolls of Destruction, Democracy
'Never Mind Dirt Here's The Bollocks'
Deaf in Reality, SlaughterHouse Rock, Canvey Island, Bully, Unemployment, Another Filled Hole, Democracy, Public Execution, Labels, 6.35, Master Race, Land of the Rising Sun.
'Just An Error'
Wooden Gun, Eyes to See, Anti-War, Belfast, Just An Error, After The Dance, Crisis, Seal Cull, Power Greed Glory, Radiation, Merry Go Round, My Gun.
'Feast or Famine'
Tribal Dreams, Lunacy, Then, Guilty as Charged, Profit and Loss, No Reason.
'Scent of the Kill'
Lunacy, Hated, Listen Morons, Plastic Bullets.
Beast or Burden'
Man Hunter, Deaf Dumb and Male.
'Drunks in Rusty Transits'
Little Wooden Gun, Belfast, Manhunter, Just An Error, Lunacy, Profit & Loss, Tribal Dreams, Hiroshima, Plastic Bullets, Listen Morons, Anti-War, Another Filled Hole, Democracy, Deaf Dumb and Male.
'Black & White'
A double LP (vinyl) featuring all the tracks up to and including the Feast or Famine sessions.
The double CD contained all recordings...

2 tracks 'Mother' & 'Ripper'...
7" was recorded for Corpus Christi...
Although never released they can be found on the Black & White LP/CD.