the written word


A toy is only a play thing to be broken and thrown away but even a kiddies toy may bring a tear or sigh some day. They gave him a gun to play with it was his favourite toy. They bought some brave tin soldiers and he thought it all such fun. To shoot those brave tin soldiers with his little wooden gun. When I grow up he told them I'll go and fight the foe till one day he carried a real gun and now he sleeps where the poppies grow. A token he left behind him a memory of days of joy the gun he used to play with when he was a little boy.They bought some brave tin soldiers and he thought it all such fun to shoot those brave tin soldiers with his little wooden gun.

A telegram through the post says sorry your son is dead he was only doing his duty when he got a bullet through his head.He was standing in a doorway just sheltering from the rain His death was instantaneous he wouldn't have felt the pain. He was only doing his duty for a country he thought was great but he didn't seem to realise its built purely out of hate. His parents mourn his wife breaks down his children scream and cry. A soldier lies dead in Belfast and a nation wonders why! Are you looking for an answer cause you really don't have a clue You're taught to support the colours of the red the white the blue. As the death toll rises in Belfast new war strategies are declared if it wasn't for all the killings would the feelings not be shared? 

What makes man feel so superior? That he can afford to take & abuse other lives in the search of fun. Do we not already have enough "BIG TOYS" in this world that destroy the world indirectly? That we need to kill & maim for our pleasure too. These sick people with their sick minds playing at a game of soldiers, where the "enemy" is not armed or equipped to fight back, where its only defence is the right of survival.. Well I should take man & hunt him on his own territory, hunt him until he can run no more, until exhaustion takes over his will to fight & BLOW HIS FUCKING BRAINS OUT. After I have made him bleed & suffer for my own fun, for my own sport, for my own pleasure. For my pleasure would be to put a stop to all this pain & suffering that mankind has inflicted on this 'dumb' race, this whole race. Is he really a species of beast? or is he the real burden?YOU'RE SO FUCKING IGNORANT THAT YOU CANT SEE YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS ON HUMANITY

Walking through the countryside. See the grass so green did you ever stop and wonder why it was turning so obscene. It makes me wonder what went wrong today was it just an error or did we let it slip away. Take a look back at history you can see what they've done. Responsible for thousands of deaths feel guilty for none.It makes me wonder what went wrong today was it just an error or did we let it slip away.

Slashing across the storm swept sky the sound of machines wake up the night. A bursting of pride about to begin as the sky opens up and we all fall in. Lured by a promise of a revenge. A circus of death to which there's no end. Adopting a stance of one nation one creed, victims of conscience led by a need. A lust for a reason they'll never regret. Born from confusion but just born too late. Betrayed with a kiss to seal up my fate. The drive for survival, a thorn in my side. Running for reason or along for the ride. The thrill of the chase, the scent of the kill. Wont do as I say but do as I will. Meat on their breath and blood on their hands. Flirt with affection while raping the land.

Beat me till I'm black beat me till I'm blue but I'm not giving in to the likes of you. Living in the sanctity of love. Living in the sanctuary of love. Living with this lunacy called love. Nowhere left to hide. Nowhere left to run. You cant undo things that you've already done. Hold me to the sky. Bring me to my knees. Pretend I don't care. But baby don't tease. Now I've had enough I'm walking through the door. But you cant make me stay cause I cant take no more 

Give me the money. Give me the money. Give me the money spent on the shit of war give me the money to spend on the poor. People are hungry. people are sick. They need shelter and they need it quick. Nurture and care not torture and lies. They need food to wipe the tears from their eyes. (Give them the money) Donations are helpful but they need more. When governments have food mountains kept in store. There's enough to go round to see that stomachs are full. But they've made their decisions to stick by the rules. (They've got the money) Billions spent on weaponry while we watch people die. When only a fraction would give people life. Profit and loss. The loss of more lives. Give them the money. Put an end to their cries. (Give them the money).

Indian roamed far from home with squaw and baby on his own. A tribal man so full with pride left alone and cast aside. White man came from far afield to this land to increase his yield. And then the cowboy made his stand and took away the treasured land.He had to hide till he learned to kill and white mans arms he had to steal. The tribal man with dreams so good. Left behind. Misunderstood. Indian turned to his son. Your life my child has just begun. This tribal dream we all must learn for without our dream your tribe will burn. "the words indian & squaw are terms used only by westerners and not the tribes people themselves"


So this is Great Britain with its wealth and education and two thousand troops permanently stationed in a country so far away that its out of sight. That you don't feel the fear and you don't live the fright of this divided nation you help create and sustain. This monster, this timebomb, this exploding state.You sit there in your office x-hundred miles away. You think you know it all, think everything's OK.You push the problem aside and try to use brute force. But you cant beat to death the problem at the source of British colonial policy since the year dot. No you don't give a fuck, you'd like to see us all rot. You make speeches in your parliament so far away about peace in Northern Ireland MAYBE some day. But until then you'll carry on as before armed occupation all out civil war.

Don't want to die a hero. Don't want to die a fool. Don't want to die in your war. Life is all we got its all that we possess don't waste it all on power its such a fucking mess. Possessions cause greed. Greed causes war. Greed causes poverty. Creates class war. Is peace to much to ask for is life to great to live. People die but they don't know why its someone else's war. United Kingdom in war. But what the fucking hell are they fighting for. Power! Democracy? They can fuck off we want ANARCHY.

A woman in a graveyard mourning for her son he gave his life to fight in a war he thought was fun. A bunch of yellow roses lay upon his grave but for all the tears she shedded no one can be saved. He traded his freedom for a uniform and gun, he traded in his brain for a life he thought was fun, he gave his country what it wanted, brave and strong, fresh blood, he gave himself a mortuary bed when it spilled into the mud. His father had once walked that path, but now he pays the price of a son who followed his steps and who lost his life, the telegram just noted of the bravery of their son, but was it a mistake that he was killed in action ? a woman in a graveyard, another day has passed and another son is killed in a war that for years will last, the bunch of yellow roses will always mark the spot, for a son who joins the army, his memory is forgot. 

You think because I'm women I'm at your beck and call you try to degrade me humiliate and ridicule.Your cat calls fall on deaf ears, you do not compliment I wont be at your mercy, this body's not for rent. Deaf dumb & male in society. Deaf dumb & male wont you listen to me. Deaf dumb & male its time for change.Deaf dumb & male 'cause things cant stay the same.You macho men don't thrill me, the approach you use is stale will you never learn I am strong I am female. We have come from out the kitchen the chains we've left behind We don't need your permission do you think were blind? To boldly go where few men have rarely gone before stand alone stand apart from your friends you must ignore. But you do not surprise me, this society feeds you crap but when you have a daughter it'll end up in your lap. You can change this system by starting with yourself and if you change the rules the game will change itself. 

Democracy is a con job they got you fooled, if you step out of line they'll have you pulled. You cant go against them it ain't allowed, so watch yourself, hide in the crowd. Wait for the day 'cos its bound to come. You wont need a fist, you wont need a gun. The system is there The system will stay The system will rule. Birth control, life control, death control. Education of their wrong and right of their order and of their law. Don't take it its just a con, Don't take it you know its wrong, Its just a front so they can use you Its just a front so they can cheat you. OBJECT REFUSE REJECT ABUSE

Action man is here again. Action man is here. Action man is here again. Action man is here. OK kiddies here's a game to play, strap on a gun kill your friend today. Death or glory fight for your life. Shoot him in the back or stab him with a knife. Drive a tank through his garden gate and when you finished him off go and kill his mate. Then its time for dinner with mum & dad watch the tele it ain't too bad. Episode of crossroads you know what life's about, on comes a war film, so you start to shout. Killing must be good 'cos your hero does it, so you grit your teeth and you start to know it. It wont be long before the time has gone and the world is at war again. You can join the army like all the real men. Get yourself a gun, Have some fun. Action man is here again. Action man is here. Action man is here again. Action man is here.

Its only a matter of time before it happens here 'cos down in Hiroshima they live in constant fear. Don't let them con you it wont. Don't let them con you it cant 'cos at this very moment they're building a nuclear plant. Inside are all the chemicals that make those dangerous gases all they need is one leak and down will go the masses. 

Unemployment is getting to high, don't let them fool you with a lie. They'll find a solution, of that I'm sure they'll drop a bomb start a fucking war. They'll tell you to fight, say the cause is good, instead of a leg a little bit of wood. A plastic arm a brain gone wrong, put you in a box, cart you along. Down to the morgue where your family mourn. They'll cry they'll scream wish you'd never been born. "Stand up and fight" is what they said. But I don't want to end up fucking dead.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, death was a thing on a t.v. show, now it happens to us every day, if life doesn't kill you, you'll be blown away. Soldier on the street, copper on the beat, death is reality today. Nuclear power keeps us in our place, nuclear power keeps them in the race, death is reality today.

From the slaughterhouse comes a hateful cry,the soul is dead, the carcass to fry, where is your mercy now god? from the flesh that weeps to the blood that stains, meat has no forgiveness, it just feels pain. where is your mercy now god? to live to meet the butchers hook, to die for food to cook, where is your mercy now god? from the cradle to the grave is how were brought to live,but from the mud to someone's belly is no life for a pig, there is no mercy now god. there is no god. amen.

you're next on the list, so what, who cares? you wont be missed. its a way to keep the population down instead of birth control, wipe out your town. It happened down in Harrisburg USA, but the people there were lucky, they got away, over here you wont have such luck 'cos no one really cares and no one gives a fuck, so just wait till they build one in every city, you'll all start to cry well tough shit what a pity. 

don't be a bully, what have I done to you? don't be a bully and you can fuck off too. you don't even know me, why cant we be friends? I'll do anything just to make amends. you think that I'm a coward well I know that ain't true, if I was a coward I'd be just like you. you always have to show off, you always have to fight, if you had any intelligence you'd see that I am right. violence don't solve nothing it doesn't solve a thing peace is the only answer, were the ones who'll win, pacifism. all were saying is "give peace a chance". 

back in 1984, stretch his fucking neck and he'll die. what for? crimes against the state and crimes against the law, talking out in public, that's what for. public execution number 131, stretch his fucking neck, an excuse for fun, tell you that its legal, but how can that be, taking someone's life doesn't seem right to me. say they got the reasons say they got the power, they don't give a damn it ain't their last hour. public execution back in 1984?

you labelled me at birth the minute I was born, you labelled me a child another little pawn, you labelled me a kid and sent me off to school, you labelled me a pupil another little fool, you labelled me religious and sent me off to mass, you labelled me a moron a stupid little ass,you labelled me a student a spotty little brat, you labelled me an animal, compared me with a rat,you labelled me an adult and sent me out to work, you labelled me a taxpayer an imbercillic burk, you labelled me working class 'cos of the job I did, you labelled me middle class when I earnt an extra quid, you labelled me for long enough so now its my turn, you labelled me too many things so I'm gonna make you learn, you labelled me a punk rocker 'cos that's what I chose to be, you labelled me an anarchist 'cos I believe in anarchy. (its punk innit?)

coming home from work at 6.35, switching on the tele, are you alive? you've seen it all before, you'll see it all again, boring sick serials to drive you round the bend, programmes for the kids and programmes for you, making every home like a prison or zoo, keeps us all in order, keeps us all suppressed, but watching all this fantasy is getting us depressed,

watch yourself in this life we lead, if you cut yourself, make sure you bleed, 'cos they're secretly building a master race and this time round they wont leave a trace. they'll contaminate your water, contaminate your food, be real crafty, not too crude, they wont fuck it up like the nazis did, they'll start in your family with your youngest kid, they'll teach him how to think, they'll teach him what to say, he wont be like the other kids, he wont want to play, it wont be long before there's nothing you can do, so now you know what's happening the choice is up to you.

the sun came up over japan in the land of the rising sun, nothing was left but a hole in the ground in the land of the rising sun. corpses lay scattered like flowers in a field in the town of nagasaki, animals and land was destroyed beyond belief in the town of nagasaki. buildings were flattened with one atomic bomb, families were destroyed, a country so useful, so proud and so free will never see that sun rise, nagasaki was a town where people they lived and they loved, then came the bomb and reduced that town, down into the fucking mud, the sun came up over japan, the land of the rising sun, nothing was left but a hole in the ground in the land of the rising sun.

The smell of sweat the smell of fear. Opened wounds and sees of tears. Bloodstained promises we just don't hear. Battle cries. Battle scars. The sound of death not quite so far. Broken homes and burnt out cars. Shattered memories. Shattered dreams. Life itself seems so obscene. Once was laughter replaced by screams. Bullets passing overhead. Where children play now soldiers tread. A race of people left for dead. 

Caught under the web of authority.This was not supposed to happen to me. Decision proved fatal. Policy decreed. Encaged in a sentence and never be free. Life was too easy. Danger prevailed. A mission of hunger to which I have failed. Freedom of speech but I spoke to loud. And the cross that I bear is to which I am nailed. My crime wasn't serious. The punishment is. Sexual harassment is the crime they commit. To strip search and maul me. Humiliate. Degrade. No rest for the innocent until they obey. 

Fighting for another cause. Don't know what I'm fighting for. Grand illusions in my head. Surrounded by the colour red. Hate is what they breed in me. Never known my sanity. Please get me out of here. Kill to cover up my fear. Waiting in this shallow grave. Pretending I'm so very brave. Don't know what the reason why. Have to take my turn and die. Cant tell if this is real or dream. Deep inside I want to scream. Frightened by the world outside. The way I feel I have to hide. Wash away my sins with blood. Leave the corpses in the mud. I'm reaching out. Please take my hand. Lead me to the promised land. Ready and willing to take my place. Marching with the master race. Don't pass me by. We've done our deeds. And now you leave me here to bleed. Suddenly it all comes clear. Now I know why I am here. Blinkers lifting from my eyes. Waking up to so much lies. I cant take it any more. Satan knocking at my door. Hatred rushing through my veins. Looking where to lay the blame. 

You don't know what its like to be trapped inside a shell, to be blinded by the darkness and the light as well. You think that you have problems, when with your sight you cannot see, oh why oh god oh please oh god why did you pick me. You don't know what its like to be trapped inside a cage, never to see a smiling face but its you who feels the pain, to see the sky so blue and the grass below so green but what is blue I ask myself, for I have never seen... Your world is full of suffering and death that you have caused, its you who is the blinded for my brain has stopped to pause, but I can see the suffering admitted from your greed, I think my friend that you're the one who needs the eyes to see. So let me lend my sight to you and the blood shed may cease for in my blindness darkness I have my world of peace.

Come out to play, there's so many mistakes to be made. Blood trail leads to their door, as mirrors cast no reflection on the mucous stained floor. Lives to shatter, hearts to bleed, as dreamers walk blindly. Unto man, woman is born but woman cannot conceive. And after the dance the heat begins to fall the blind man can see, as another takes the call and after the dance all gone but the flesh nowhere left to hide, in the nonsense they have left. As the sky opened up and the rain fell towards this planet we call earth, the prophet cannot tell lies for he has seen and we shall see but they'll forget before we die.

So this is the crisis they knew had to come, why do they act so surprised? you know they've been warned often enough, we wont take any more lies. And this is the crisis they tried to ignore prevention of chaos they said and this is the crisis that led to a war, do you care how many are dead? Its anarchy, freedom, peace that we want not organised chaos to fight, freedom of choice a right of our own, not governments wrongs or rights. So get out of this crisis wash the blood from your hands, let the system fight its own war. We'll have the anarchy, freedom, peace we deserve cause we don't need their laws.

Nothing to be seen in this clear white mist, but a man with a club that's clenched in his fist. Looking down at me one swing to cull, it doesn't take much to smash my skull. Then parted from my skin my bones lay bare, across the sea does nobody care? except the woman in a shop who favours my fur. But cant she see it looks better on me than it does on her.

Is this your power? is this your greed? is this your glory? we do not need. Yesterday we depended on you, your weakness was that you needed us to. Now we've found we have the strength to cope, we can look to the future of love, care, hope. We have found from your wars of yesteryear, that our hope for the future has now come clear. We have no more need for you to stay, go play the games that we have played. 

Radiation level rising, death count climbs. An accident they say, well read between the lines. Chemicals for warfare in production every day, but it doesn't really matter what they do or say. It doesn't really matter if the accident is true cause one way or another the death is meant for you.

Sitting here on a merry go round, just waiting for the world to stop. The night is fading the dawn is nearly here and I feel so tired I could drop. There's a shadow in the distance with a gun in his hand and his mind is on shoot to kill, then a shout comes up from the back of the crowd to fire at ones own will. Then one by one they fall to the ground and for a moment I think I'm not there, then I open my eyes and I'm still going round but my mind is tortured with fear. There's a flash from behind and it lights up the sky, could the world be at an end? But its just a bolt from an unknown resort with a message from heaven it sends. Then its back to the prison of life so it seems, a prison to which you were born, break the chains off your hands and the nails from your feet otherwise inside a prison you'll mourn and as the bodies lay crippled upon the mud, not a shudder or blink of an eye they've suppressed the anger that lies within, now its my future to die. In the squalor of a demolished street cries a girl no older than three, no clothes on her body, no shoes on her feet, yes once this could have been me. And as the merry go round comes to a halt, from the devastation flies a dove. You'll find it within, the conqueror of all, the answer is look to your love. 

She led a life she didn't want to lead, a life of bondage she couldn't breathe. From a child to a girl she violently grew, without the love she never knew. She was pushed around from an early age, from corner to corner, from cage to cage. She learned the hard way, the way of life, to live by the sword and die by the knife. From the slums of the east where the bad boys meet you learn to fight and live on the street, where the only kicks are pills or glue or a job in the army to get you through. Life is tough but you have to learn cause if you don't your life will burn. Police don't care they want your skin, run fast, die hard, don't let them win. My gun is my identity. A job was offered it seemed so good, a chance to be rid of this neighbourhood. She took the chance and took the gun and now she ends up on the run. My gun is my identity. The mistake she made was not her fault, the choice was shoot or be caught, for a few pound notes was her sacrifice not enough to be scared for life. Now alone she makes her plea, her gun became her identity. With arms and weapons we cannot be free, you see I know this girl is me, you see I know this girl is.